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Quest for the Perfect Cucumber Sandwich!

Wednesday, September 3rd 2014 @ 9:19 PM    post viewed 1793 times





Afternoon tea would not be complete without tea sandwiches and the most requested is the cucumber sandwich!

What makes a delicious cucumber sandwhich, you may ask?  

  1. Thin white bread, dense not fluffy-crust removed-we love Pepperidge Farms very thin sliced white bread
  2. thinly sliced cucumber- we leave the skin on
  3. cheese,thinly sliced white mild cheddar
  4. Cream cheese spread with herbs-we love Boursin
After that, it's all up to your creativity and taste buds. What's your favorite cucumber sandwich creation? And do you use a cookie cutter to make your tea sandwich into shapes? Let's talk!
For more great cucumber sandwich ideas, visit my Pinterest board!
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