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How to get 3 yummy flavors of scones from one box!

Wednesday, November 19th 2014 @ 9:39 PM    post viewed 1845 times

If  you've talked scones with me before, forgive me for repeating myself but I just adore our gourmet scone mix for one reason!! It makes me look like a four star pastry chef! This mix is so easy and so delicious you will be emailing me and facebooking me with "Why did I wait so long to try your Scone mix?" 

This month, all I can think about it cranberries! Cranberries with my turkey, in my tea and scenting my house with my favorite candles. So let's start here! With one box of Cranberry scone mix. What can you do with that?

Well, let me tell you! Once you grab hold of the "add-in" idea your imagination will amaze you!

This is all there is too it! Easy-peazie! Make the Cranberry Scone mix as directed and....

1.  add 1/2 tsp of almond extract as you stir! Add sliced almonds to the top of each scone before baking.


2.  add 1/2 tsp of orange juice (or extract, whatever you prefer) Add grated  orange zest to the top of each scone before baking.


3.  Make the mix as is for yummy cranberry scones and add jam and cream  when serving warm from the oven!

I told you! So easy and they will think that you slaved in the kitchen for   hours! Listen, I promise not to tell them if you don't tell my family. 

Oh, and I'm heading to the kitchen to add a cup of dried fruit to my scone mix for Fruit cake scones. Now that sounds yummy! What will your favorite "add- in" be? Post here and do share!


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