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                      • Blueberry Muffin
                        Product ID: 00000465

                        #2031 Blueberry Muffin Blend of black and green teas with blueberries, cinnamon bits, red cornflowers, white sugar crystals and vanilla flavoring 3 oz loose tea ... More »

                        Price: $9.00 USD

                      • Lady Rose
                        Product ID: 00000502

                        Product #2030 Lady ROSE This is a Black & Green tea combo, with lavender, rose petals and vanilla. 3 oz loose tea click on image to enlarge ... More »

                        Price: $9.00 USD

                      • Mango Mist
                        Product ID: 00000559

                        Product #2033 Mango Mist Green Tea This large leaf Chinese Sencha green tea is dotted with pieces of mango, sprinkled with sunflower petals and steeps a mellow fruity taste, light and delicious! 3 oz zip pouch of loose ... More »

                        Price: $9.00 USD

                      •  Passion Pink
                        Product ID: 00000271

                        #2018 This tea blend features a yummy mix of green & rooibos teas, strawberry and rhubarb pieces with rose petals 3 oz loose tea ... More »

                        Price: $9.00 USD

                      • Serene Green
                        Product ID: 00000055

                        Product # 2021L Serene Green This is a wonderful blend of sencha green tea with bright red pomegranate arils, fruity grapes and rich blue mallow blossoms. 3 oz. loose tea ... More »

                        Price: $9.00 USD

                      • Strawberries 'N Cream
                        Product ID: 00000577

                        Product # 2034 A fruity summery taste livens up this green tea! Think Strawberry shortcake! Green tea with strawberry bits, vanilla and sunflower petals. 3 oz zip bag of loose leaf tea Click on photo to enlarge ... More »

                        Price: $9.00 USD

                      • Sunflower Serenity
                        Product ID: 00000526

                        #2032 This Chinese green tea is blended with cinnamon, orange peel, ginger bits, cardamom, cloves, sunflower petals and black pepper. 3 oz loose leaf tea. ... More »

                        Price: $9.00 USD

                      TEA - Herbal Tea
                        TEA - Oolong Tea
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                                THE PERFECT CUP-Infusers, etc.

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