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    COZIES - a Value Collection
      COZIES - for Teacups
        COZIES - for Teapots
          GIFT OF TEA
            NAPKINS - Luncheon Sets
              NAPKINS - Tea Napkin Sets
                  TABLECLOTHS - Tea Tablecloths
                    TEA - Black Tea
                      TEA - Decaf Tea
                        TEA - Green Tea
                          TEA - Herbal Tea
                            TEA - Oolong Tea
                            • Creme Caramel Oolong
                              Product ID: 00000347

                              Creme Caramel Oolong Oolong tea with caramel bits and marigold flowers for a creamy caramel taste Use 1 tspn. per 8 oz cup. Pour boiling water over tea and steep for 4 -5 min. These tea leaves can be used for multiple stee ... More »

                              Price: $9.00 USD

                            • Peachy Keen Oolong
                              Product ID: 00000442

                              # Rich flavorful Oolong tea is blended with peach leaves, rose petals and peach flavoring for a delightful fruity overtone. 3 oz. loose tea ... More »

                              Price: $9.00 USD

                            TEA - Rooibos Tea
                              TEA- Iced Tea
                                TEA- Organic
                                      THE PERFECT CUP-Infusers, etc.

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